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When John Gibney purchased Warren Pike in 1972, he set into action an idea that is still ever present today. Our customers will be, and always have been, at the center of everything we do. The Warren Pike team is always ready to answer the call with offices throughout New England. Our team of industry trained professionals and product experts deliver customer centric solutions to keep production lines rolling and your business delivering.

John Gibney started his career in the power transmission business over 65 years ago as a district manager with Warner Electric. After chartering distribution in the new England area, he realized his passion and purchased Warren Pike Associates. Jim Gibney joined the firm in 1976 and JG Industries was formed. Through the years the company grew its role as a partner with customers, becoming more involved with systems, controls, applications and overall solutions. 

What started as a small company in Boston, Massachusetts soon grew into a regional presence with the acquisition of the W.M. Steele and Cohen Machinery Companies. They are all 4th generation distributors located in Boston, Central Massachusetts, and Southern New Hampshire markets. All our offices are general line distributors with deep roots in the communities, lifelong relationships with customers and strategic partnerships with vendors. 

The company’s membership with both the Power Transmission Distributors Association (PTDA) and AD (formerly IDC-USA) provide our customers the strength of competitive pricing and industry best practices. 



W.M. Steele Co & Cohen Machinery | Div's JG Industries

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